A personal touch for local business

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Local businesses in Fairfield and New Haven Counties can feel confident in their financial future with a bank that has their back.

The Milford Bank has worked with local clients for decades in their business decisions, providing the services and support to allow customers to stay competitive. When a business needs a boost with a commercial loan, The Milford Bank is the choice for companies looking to expand or improve in whatever way makes the most business sense.

Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending, John DaRin, said that The Milford Bank can provide a team of seasoned professionals who bring a personal touch to matters that larger banks often can’t.

“I worked for bigger banks for more than 30 years,” DaRin said. “The thing about the community banks is that the local community very much supports us. These are the people who grew up with traditional savings books and came to us to do their banking as adults who stayed in the community. We support the community and the community supports us.”

Jim Wilson, owner of Milford Photo, knows all about that support. Just a few years after opening his River Street store, he had to reinvest in his business and turned to the Milford Bank.

“Our business was all based on film — then digital came along,” Wilson said. “I had to make a tremendous investment in my business and The Milford Bank was there for me.”

The Milford Bank offers many services that new and existing business need to purchase, renovate, expand or construct a new or existing business property. The bank offers competitive rates and flexible terms, financing from $50,000 to $7 million, fixed and variable rate options, no application fees, and much more.

With a banking app and its redesigned website, businesses can stay up to date on their accounts. Clients can also expect customer service to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

“We take special interest in knowing our customers and recognizing that sometimes there are questions or issues that a bank needs to take some extra time or consider,” DaRin said. “I think we try to go the extra step to understand not just the numbers, but also the relationship and how important the principals are to the success of the business.”

The extra step was exactly what Tina DeNapoles needed in developing Tranquility Wellness Spa.

“When I was going to open the spa 13 years ago, developers didn’t really know what to do with the space,” DeNapoles said. “But Milford Bank saw the vision and jumped right in. They were the bank that we needed to come behind this hometown project.”

The Milford Bank also offers business loans in its Condominium Association Loan Program, providing financing for condominium capital expenditures from $100,000 to $7 million.

From manufacturers to spas to photography stores and more, the Milford Bank goes the extra step, according to Jim Wilson.

“I don’t consider The Milford Bank just a bank,” Wilson said. “I consider them a trusted partner in my business.”

Visit one of the The Milford Bank’s multiple locations or learn more at MilfordBank.com. For more information on commercial lending, call John DaRin at 203-783-5701.

The Milford Bank is Member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.