A noble cause

When you first meet the Rev. Evalyn Wakhusama you are struck by the inner peace you immediately sense in the woman. Her calm demeanor immediately draws your interest. And once she begins to talk about her dream you are carried with her and want to do whatever you can to help her achieve it.

The AIDS pandemic has been around for decades. It would be hard to imagine that no one in this readership has not been affected by the loss of someone they know.

But the reality of the HIV/AIDS crisis is that it is still afflicting and killing way too many and at the same time leaving youngsters without parents.

Wakhusama's vision of a nurturing, caring and educational home for children, who through no fault of their own, end up orphaned is a wonderful, noble cause.

She has made great strides already to see her dream become a reality. The land needed to build the residential complex has been purchased, the site plans have been developed. And right now, in the Amity community, an anonymous donor is willing to match funds.

We urge you to consider this worthwhile cause when donating to a charity.