A musical journey with Emmy Award-winning artist

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This week, viewers are treated to a couple live performances by 13-time Emmy Award Winner, Andy (A.J.) Gundell and insight into his creative process and personal journey.
A professional musician, performer, songwriter, composer, producer, teacher and business owner, Andy feels very fortunate to be living his dream of making a living making music. He shares his life and its lyrical journey and what it has taken to weave all avenues together, to live fully and with a sense of purpose.
A Yale grad, he still is active in a band he and his fellow Yale buds started 40 years ago. Andy plays an executive role in two boutique industry firms he created, One-Stop Music Shop and Future Hits.
Andy has so many Emmy awards—including an unsurpassed three in the Outstanding Original Song category. The others are for his original scores as a composer, his audio-post sound design and production, and his work as a music director/supervisor in the category of Music Direction and Composition for dramatic productions. He’s composed and supervised for dozens of TV broadcasters and media clients, including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, ESPN, MTV, NBA-TV, HBO, Disney, Discovery, Reader’s Digest, and more.
Denise also gives her ‘Mindful Minute’ of tips.