2 new medical marijuana facilities coming to Milford

Two new state medical marijuana facilities will be located in Milford, according to a state Department of Consumer Protection news release.

Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan A. Harris announced Jan. 15 the names and locations of three new dispensary facilities that will be licensed by the state’s Medical Marijuana Program. Currently, there are 8,228 medical marijuana patients registered in Connecticut.

There are six such facilities in the state: These bring the total to nine facilities, according to a state spokesperson.

The new Milford dispensary facilities are Arrow Alternative Care #2, 255 West River Street and Southern CT Wellness & Healing, 318 New Haven Avenue.

The third new dispensary is Caring Nature at 237 East Aurora Street in Waterbury.

Dispensary facilities are the only places in the state that may legally dispense medical marijuana to registered patients, the news release states. To register with the program, a patient’s physician must certify that they have one of 11 approved conditions and that the potential benefits from the palliative use of medical marijuana are likely to outweigh the risks.

“With the addition of three new dispensary facilities, the state’s Medical Marijuana Program will be better able to meet the medical needs of the 1,941 patients in Fairfield County, and the 2141 patients in New Haven County,” Commissioner Harris said.

The three new dispensary facilities were chosen through a competitive process, from 19 applicants that responded to a Request for Applications, according to the state press release. Each applicant was required to provide detailed information, including the applicant’s qualifications and experience, a business plan identifying the products and services it will offer, security features, and plans to provide benefits to the local community.

The selected dispensary facilities will be eligible to receive their licenses upon payment of the $5,000 license fee and submission of certain final documentation, which must occur within 30 days. The facilities will then begin construction, as needed, hire and train staff, and develop educational programs and materials. All are expected to be ready to begin serving patients by early summer, state officials said.

Last September, Milford’s Planning and Zoning Board unanimously adopted regulations detailing where medical marijuana dispensaries and production facilities can be located.

Under the regulations, medical marijuana dispensaries may be located in Corridor Design Development Districts and the Milford Center Design Development District, all of which are commercial districts located along major roads. Medical marijuana production facilities may be located in Industrial and Limited Industrial Zones.

In both situations, the facilities may be located no closer than 300 feet from the nearest public or parochial school, as measured in a straight line.

Dispensaries are businesses where qualifying patients and their caregivers may purchase medical marijuana. Production facilities, on the other hand, are indoor locations where marijuana is grown.