This week in Fort Bend soccer

Can Tatiana Rodriguez (2) and the Elkins girls soccer team make a late run to the playoffs? This week will tell. (Alan Warren/HCN)
Can Tatiana Rodriguez (2) and the Elkins girls soccer team make a late run to the playoffs? This week will tell. (Alan Warren/HCN)Alan Warren

With two weeks remaining in the high school soccer regular season every touch, every pass and every shot become more critical.

The only top team with nothing to play for the rest of the way is the Clements boys. The Rangers clinched the outright district championship with a win over Kempner last week.

The Kempner boys also have clinched a playoff berth, but the Cougars are not in the clear for the No. 2 seed. Austin and Travis are in the picture, too. Both of them, however, are trying to hold off Elkins. If Tuesday's Hightower vs. Bush game results in a win for either team they remain in the playoff hunt, too.

Key games for the boys this week include Kempner at Austin on Tuesday and Kempner at Travis on Friday.

Fort Bend ISD girls teams will be busier this week. With four of the games rained out on the final day before Spring Break began this will be a three-game week for most of the district. They'll play Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Austin and Clements have not clinched playoff berths, but they need only one more point apiece over the final four games so they're shoe-ins.

The real drama will play out among Elkins, Kempner and Travis over the final four games. Kempner has a five-point lead on Travis for third place but must play Travis and Clements this week. Travis has a two-point lead on Elkins for fourth place but must play Austin and Kempner this week.

There are key games on all three game nights this week.




Travis at Austin

Dulles at Bush

Kempner at Clements

Elkins at Willowridge


Austin at Kempner

Bush at Hightower

Clements at Dulles

Willowridge at Travis

Marshall at Elkins


Willowridge at Marshall

Dulles at Austin

Elkins at Bush

Hightower at Clements

Travis at Kempner




Kempner at Austin

Hightower at Bush

Dulles at Clements

Elkins at Marshall

Travis at Willowridge


Austin at Dulles

Bush at Elkins

Clements at Hightower

Marshall at Willowridge

Kempner at Travis



20 - Mason Danna (Kempner)

19 - Tega Umaka (Clements)

15 - Carlos Betancourt (Elkins)

12 - Lawrence Giannotti (Elkins)

12 - Denzel Ward (Clements)

11 - Luis Sosa (Bush)

10 - Connor Murphy (Clements)

9 - Lake Hood (Austin)

8 - Andrew Jenson (Travis)

8 - Mitch Matthews (Clements)

8 - Purav Modi (Hightower)

7 - Enrique Espinosa (Hightower)

7 - Donovan Larios (Bush)

7 - Christian Rovira (Hightower)

7 - Ryan Schlom (Clements)

6 - Chad Chavez (Elkins)

6 - Conner Judson (Travis)

6 - John Martinez (Kempner)

5 - Nick Bosse (Austin)

5 - Amir Dodds (Clements)

5 - Taylor Elson (Dulles)

5 - Raul Hernandez (Marshall)

5 - Criss Martinez (Marshall)

5 - Mason Rieman (Kempner)

5 - Casey Sherman (Austin)



26 - Kelly O’Dwyer (Kempner)

16 - Emma Biba (Hightower)

16 - Eileen Saa (Austin)

15 - Jenny Newman (Dulles)

10 - Paige Lambert (Clements)

9 - Taylor Derr (Austin)

8 - Joyce Abiodun (Travis)

8 - Paola Cabrera (Hightower)

8 - Lizzy Denton (Clements)

8 - Tiffani Echeverria (Clements)

8 - Kelli Valdez (Kempner)

8 - Isabelle Wright (Kempner)

7 - Alicia Cooper (Elkins)

7 - Yesica Gonzalez (Hightower)

7 - Savannah LaRicci (Clements)

7 - Lala Montilla (Travis)

7 - Tatiana Rodriguez (Elkins)

7 - Reagan Russell (Austin)

6 - Jennifer Bell (Kempner)

6 - Dani Breeding (Elkins)

6 - Morgan Richard (Dulles)

5 - Anna Bogaard (Travis)

5 - Kara Byrne (Austin)

5 - Gabriela Lopez (Hightower)

5 - Connor Ryder (Travis)

5 - Ashley Sampson (Travis)

5 - Taylor Stubenrouch (Clements)

5 - Amber Zola (Austin)

5 - Brooke Bottensek (Dulles)