by Julie Miller

I’d like to share one of the easiest and favorite recipes we make all the time for get togethers. I’ve made it so many times I could probably make it blindfolded.

Put on the back burner, so to speak, I always wanted to compile our family favorite recipes, my kids’ favorites; you know, the ones Mom always made, the ones we had enjoyed growing up, at family gatherings or at a friend’s house.

When my kids were away at school, I would sometimes get a phone call or email asking how to make something. So, needless to say, they inspired me to finally get started and create a cookbook for them that for years to come, they would always have memories of some great recipes from not only me, their grandmothers, aunts and even their great-grandparents whom they had never known.

Well, finally, back in 2010, I sat down and started working on a family cookbook, and that was the start of a never-ending compilation of recipes called “Family Jules.” It took about a year, on and off, and that Christmas, I gave a copy to each of my kids. It had approximately 50 or so recipes at that time, but now has more than 200 recipes.

Each recipe I formatted on ½ sheet of 8.5x11 (horizontally so two recipes fit on one page). I cut each page in half and inserted sheet protectors, and then I put them in a small binder I purchased from Staples. Each recipe also has a picture. The first few pages include my dedication page to my son and daughter, pictures of family members whose recipes I may have used, all of the shelter dogs we’ve adopted over the years (and there were many since we love our pets), etc. So it’s sort of a combined memory book as well.

Nacho Dip with Tortilla Chips


1 8 oz. Cream cheese

1 can Hormel Chile  (No Beans)

1 jar medium Chunky Salsa

1 pkg. Monterey Jack Shredded Cheese

1 bag Tortilla chips (Scoops are best)


In microwave dish, layer in order given above. Heat in microwave on high for 5 minutes, stir and return to microwave for an additional 4-5 minutes. Reheat as necessary and serve with Tortilla chips or Scoops.

Note: You can use the Four-cheese Mexican Blend shredded cheese as well. And best of all, you don’t need to worry about exact measurements. It’s always delicious.

Julie Miller works in production at HAN Network.