‘SNL’: Pete Davidson Recaps Met Gala, Pokes Fun at His Own Dress

"I look like James Bond at his quinceañera. I look like if one of the Three Blind Mice sold fentanyl"

Rolling Stone

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Pete Davidson recapped the Met Gala and poked fun at his own attire — the comedian wore a dress of sorts to the “elitist” event — during his appearance on Saturday Night Live’s first Weekend Update of the new season.

“It was amazing. I got to go to the coolest event of the year, and I can now say, I’ve been in a museum,” Davidson said of attending the gala. As for his attire — a black-and-white tunic ensemble by designer Thom Browne — Davidson joked, “That’s a cool dress. I look like James Bond at his quinceañera. I look like if one of the Three Blind Mice sold fentanyl.”

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“But the truth is, I already wear a dress or paint my nails sometimes just because I love making my uncles uncomfortable,” Davidson added. “When my uncle Steve saw it, he said ‘I don’t get it, but whatever makes you happy. Alright, you’re still welcome in my house, I’ll just put the seat down when you’re over.”

Davidson then showed a photo of his uncle during the glam rock Eighties, “the gayest and the most homophobic generation of all time.” “All the songs were about ‘the boys’ and how they’re ‘back in town,” Davidson said. “Also his favorite movie is Top Gun. It’s as close to a movie about men being in love with each other as the Eighties allowed. It’s like Brokeback in the sky.”

After cracking jokes about Chris Pratt and SNL anchor Colin Jost’s involvement in the big-screen Tom & Jerry movie, Davidson – who wore a shirt remembering Norm Macdonald, who Weekend Update also paid tribute to – closed out his Weekend Update appearance with one more Met Gala remark, “I look like Tilda Swinton on casual Friday.”

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