Walsh’s Wonderings — Knives on roadsides

There’s a disturbing trend on the streets these days that is as dangerous as it is unnecessary. No, I’m not referring to Drake’s “In My Feelings” Challenge (age check, everyone). The fad I find most disturbing concerns the razor-sharp curbs that local towns are installing on the sides of our roads. It’s as if someone in Town Hall decided, “We … read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Notes from train station

Train stations have never been the most inviting of places. Early morning commuters drape themselves over railings like wet rags, bleary-eyed and in need of caffeine. We spring to life with the arrival of each train, jostling for position in front of the doors like polite linebackers. That is, if we’re not making a mad dash up and down stairs … read more

Small acts help during times of heightened homelessness

To the Editor: Small acts change the world. This five-word statement hangs in the lobby of the Beth-El Center, painted on a plain wooden sign that could easily blend in as most art eventually does. Instead it appears to stand out, with most new visitors or guests commenting daily on its truthfulness because it is the spirit of our center. … read more