Walsh’s Wonderings — Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that provides instructions for its celebration right in the name. While it has morphed into one of football’s High Holy Days, it remains one of America’s best occasions for a true family meal. The level of gratitude for that meal varies by family and the amount of political banter your mom allows at the table. … read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Election healing

Many of us are probably still nursing a citizenship hangover after Tuesday’s elections. Regardless of where we fall ideologically, it’ll take a while to recover from the most expensive campaign season in our nation’s history. That recovery will occur faster if we recognize our biological predisposition toward healing. Our bodies are proof that we were meant to find balance as … read more

Jagodzinski responds to Rose’s PAC accusation

To the Editor: On November 3 the Milford Mirror posted a letter from Kim Rose discussing an outside PAC targeting her campaign. In that letter she not only criticized the PAC but also attacked me personally. She accused me of potentially being beholden to the PAC and having a one-issue campaign. As for the PAC, I don’t know anything about … read more