Binge and Repeat: Let ‘Carmen Sandiego’ steal your time

Man, lately I have been binging some non-stop drama. For a change of pace I decided to indulge my inner-child and watch Netflix’s animated series “Carmen Sandiego.” I thought it seemed absolutely delightful that the star of one of my favorite computer games (back in the Stone Age of dial-up Internet) was teaching kids about geography in a new television … read more

Binge and Repeat: Not just another superhero series

I know, I know, another superhero show. Trust me, I’m starting to feel the superhero fatigue. However, watching The Umbrella Academy, which is surprisingly not owned by comic giants DC or Marvel, didn’t present us with the standard do-gooder saves the day, or gifted person reluctantly saves the day archetypes that have flooded movie and TV screens over the past … read more

Binge and Repeat: ‘Sex Education’ dives into teen issues

Admittedly, I was a little wary to watch Netflix’s “Sex Education.” When I first read over the series’ synopsis and saw that it was about a teenager acting as a sex therapist for his hormonal peers … all I could think of was “American Pie.” Let me assure you “Sex Education” is nothing like “American Pie” and our young teen … read more