Taking a Hike: Finding wilderness in Westchester

For many hikers, myself included, nothing beats escaping home turf for a place where the peaks are loftier and the streams and beasts wilder. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Home turf is where our lives are – our families, jobs, and household chores. Just as well, then, that there are hikable places a short drive away. Around here, some are … read more

Taking a Hike: Spring in the Gunks — in January!

Five years ago I had never heard of the Gunks, and I will wager that they have eluded many a keen hiker, especially those who, like me, are in-comers to our region. The Catskills didn’t elude me, nor the Adirondacks; but I lived a Gunk-less life for my first 15 years as a Tri-Stater. So, the basics: The Gunks are … read more

Taking A Hike: Connecticut’s Wild Corner

For a small and densely populated state, Connecticut – as I hope this column has shown over the years – possesses many fine places to hike. But for me, the finest of all lies in the far northwest of the state, occupying about a quarter of the town of Salisbury. This is Connecticut’s wild corner, high and rugged, a slice … read more