Drive: Pacifica Hybrid Limited is ideal for family trips

The automaker formerly known as Chrysler Corp. got the jump on the rest of the industry when it introduced the minivan in 1984. The Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager were instantly and enormously popular. At the time, they were the most versatile motor vehicles ever built — featuring car-like handling, good fuel economy, room for seven to eight passengers, and … read more

Drive: 2019 VW Golf SportWagen is well executed

When the first “crossovers” arrived on the market, their manufacturers characterized the vehicles’ riding quality as “car-like.” Volkswagen has done them one better in recent years by turning out all-wheel-drive wagons that offer the utility of a crossover and a true “car-like” ride, probably because they’re actually cars. Meet the VW Golf SportWagen, a model that surfaced in 2015 and … read more