Stalked by robots!

I’ve been losing sleep ever since I read this headline — “Robot vacuum eats sleeping woman’s hair.” What’s the world coming to when a woman can’t get a good night’s sleep without some rogue robot creeping up on her to do vile things only robots can do? No one is safe, because appliances and smart devices may be plotting an … read more

The selfie is revealing

I tried taking a selfie the other night. It’s really simple, even for a technologically challenged guy like me. You point the cellphone camera at yourself, try to look handsome and snap the photo, only to discover you remotely resemble Marilyn Manson. There’s a secret button on the cellphone so you can see yourself when you take the picture, but … read more

Snack food or junk food?

During my years as a managing editor, the greatest challenge I faced wasn’t the corporate bosses or the union organizers — it was the cafeteria vending machine. One night while we were working on a breaking story, Alphonse rushed into the newsroom and yelled, “I HAVE A MAJOR CRISIS!” “What’s wrong?” I asked, ready to call the EMTs, the police, … read more