Did I Say That? Battling the boo-boos

I recently spent 10 minutes trying to find a “boo-boo” on my 2-year-old grandson Gabriel’s finger. I even used a magnifying glass to examine every millimeter of skin, until finally asking him, “Is this a real boo-boo or an imaginary boo-boo?” But like most youngsters, and their parents, he couldn’t differentiate between reality and fantasy. Needless to say, I’ve devoted … read more

Did I Say That? Coexisting with the fast and the furious

I saw an inspirational bumper sticker while I was driving on I-95, listening to Leonard Bernstein conducting the 1812 Overture (back when he was alive, of course). That piece always raises my blood pressure, especially when the cannons start firing. It’s perfect music for a barroom brawl or a debate on the floor of Congress. Suddenly, like a bat outta … read more