Milford artist displays work at Discovery Museum

Milford artist Ronet Noe is showing her work at the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport. Her "Paintings of JOY" will be on display until the second week of January.

“Her colorful and exciting large canvases thrill collectors,” said Milford artist Denise Morris Curt.

Noe has been an art teacher at Stamford’s Newfield Elementary School for almost three decades, inspiring thousands of children to create art, and being inspired by them to never lose the childlike joy of creating art, according to the Discovery Museum website.

“Bright colors, large format, and a carefree aura are key elements of her work. Even the three-dimensionality of her work breaks the plane and traditional restraint of painting,” the museum website states. “But that should not imply that her art does not have impact or meaning. A flying taxi scattering color down upon the Manhattan skyline challenges us to look at our lives and ask whether we are bringing brightness to our world. A bold declaration of PEACE calls us out to create a better world.”

Noe said she works in unique ways, part painting and part sculptures that have evolved from her desire to create art that reflects her mood in the hope of evoking happiness in others.

“All my past paintings have led me to this time of discovery,” she said. “I wanted these works to reflect the place I’ve accepted, a place where bold colors and fun is embraced.”