Hobo dinner at church features ‘hobo stew’

An unusual five-course “dinner-tainment” event, sponsored by The United Church of Christ, 30 Ormond Street in Devon, will be held on Saturday, Nov. 8, in The Parish Hall of the church on Pequot Avenue at 5 p.m.

When the hobos got together during the Depression for a community meal, they always brought something to share. There will be a community hobo stew where, like a good hobo, everyone will bring a can of vegetables to add to the pot. There will be entertainment, prizes and surprises.

People are urged to wear their most well-worn clothes, suspenders, straw hats, rope belts, patches, mismatched colors.

The event is a fundraiser. But church officials said they are also thinking about the “real-life modern hobos” who continue to struggle, especially at this time of year. People are asked to bring an extra can or two to add to the food pantry.

Make reservations with Jean at 203-874-6422 by Nov. 2. Cost is $12.

For further information, contact Linda at linwhit@optonline.net or 203-877-2134.