All you need to know about Wednesday's Fairy Frolic

The Walnut Beach Fairy Frolic is scheduled Wednesday, June 20 in the Walnut Beach section of town, from 6 to 8 p.m. Organizers provided the following ABCs of the event. The Walnut Beach shops are located at the corner of Broadway and Naugatuck Avenue, and along Broadway and the beach end of Naugatuck Avenue.

The ABCs of the 2018 Walnut Beach Fairy Frolic should help with any lingering questions you may have. See you TONIGHT at 6 p.m.!

A is for Artfish42, proud founder of the Walnut Beach Fairy Frolic, and home to Fairy Headquaters, where you pick up your free map detailing official stops on the fairy trail and hints of door locations.

B is for Milford Bank, our friends and supporters on this fairytastical adventure. Be sure to stop by the AF42 tent under the Walnut Beach Arch for a free raffle ticket to win a miniature fairy garden...the fairies have a friend at the bank who is mighty crafty!

C is Cookies (of course). Rumor has it that the fairy-wing cookies that Backroom Bakery LLC, an official stop on our fairy trail, has baked for tonight are YUM-my!

D is for doors! Legend has it that more than 50 fairies call Walnut Beach home. The doors leading to their homes, however, are only visible to the human eye but once a year on the eve of the summer solstice. How many doors can you find? Every one is different!

E is for excited, which is what we are over the fact that Milford Mayor Ben Blake will be joining us at Fairy Headquarters at 6 p.m. with an official proclamation.Milford CT City Hall

F is for face painting. Walnut Beach's favorite facepainters from Beach Party Balloons - Balloon Décor & Gifts will be set up beneath the Walnut Beach arch.

G is for glitter. Oh, we've got the glitter going on--and then some. Wings, wands, tutus, headpieces and more have been bedecked and bedazzled just for tonight. Find yours at Artfish42 itself or at our tent under the arch. Or look for glitter hair glam at official fairy stops Walnut Beach Wellness & Boutique and Dulce Hair Studio.

H is for hungry. Alfa's, another official fairy stop, knows that full bellies are an essential part of smiling fairy faces and will thus be grilling hot dogs for purchase right out front.

I is for ice cream. Official fairy stop Walnut Beach Creamery has whipped up exclusive fairy renditions of popular flavors just for the night.

J is for the Fairy Juice available at official stop Seaside Nutrition...mmmmm!

K is for Dr. Robert Kroepel Jr. DMD, friend and fairy-frolic supporter, not to mention the man responsible for convincing none other than the Tooth Fairy and friends to come frolic with us.

L is for line. The line for Fairy Headquarters forms along Naugatuck Avenue from Artfish42 at 44 Naugatuck. We move the line along as quickly as possible in order for everyone to have the chance to meet the fairy king and queen, receive an official certificate with their fairy name, pick up their map and flutter out the door in search of fairies.

M is for Morganna, Fairy Godmother of Mermaids...look for her near AF42.

N is for Nym, woodland elf and protector of forest and fauna. He's REALLY good at camouflage, so keep your eyes peeled.

O is for opps, that is. Adorbable shots to be had include two set of wooden fairy wings up by official fairy stop Firehouse Art Gallery or in front of the giant fabric wings sparkling on Naugatuck. There's also a photo booth under the arch for those who want to kick it up a notch...and did we mention the hula hoops to try?

P is for The Porto Real Estate Group, whose support has allowed the Walnut Beach Fairy Frolic to grow even bigger this year.

Q is for Queen Titania and King Oberan, rulers of fairyland, waiting to meet you at Fairy Headquaters.

R is for rosy pink. Be on the lookout for the rosy-pink flowers that designate the local business that are official WB Fairy Stops and the rosy-pink T-shirts worn by our Fairy Patrol. If any one has questions, or any moms or dads get lost, look for the Fairy Patrol and/or head to Fairy Headquarters.

S is for shells. It's said that if you leave a special treasure outside a fairy's door (perhaps a shell, a sparkling rock or even a shiny penny) the fairies, who use these items in their work, will reward you with sweet dreams that very night. And, yes, we do have perfectly precious little trinket bags for sale for just $3 at AF42 in case you forgot yours!

T is for Tink and her mermaid BFF, who will be joining us tonight thanks to our friends at CT Princess Parties LLC.

U is for Unicorn Toast, mermaid mac and cheese and all the magically delicious creations waiting at official fairy stop The Fig Cooking School.

V is for Volunteers. Thank you to our friends, families and neighbors who have helped make this a magical night in Walnut Beach.

W is for the rockin' Walnut Beach Arts And Business Association without whom the Fairy Frolic wouldn't be possible.

X is for the Excellent goodie bags we have waiting at AF42 for the first 500 guests.

Y is for yaks. Do you think there's a fairy door hidden among the 'yaks and paddleboards at official fairy stop Scoot & Paddle? Go take a look!

Z is for zzzz. We've been working hard here in Walnut Beach and know that we, as well as your tired-out little fairies, will be ready to catch some zzzzs after tonight. We consider this special night our "thank you" to the community for supporting our efforts to bring artistry, creativity and, yes, magic to Walnut Beach. Faith, Trust and fairy dust is what it's all about.