Woman Goes Viral After She Quits Her Job at Walmart Using the Store Loudspeaker

A Texas woman quit her job in the most spectacular way possible.

We all have a limit and when it comes, it does so in ways that are not always conventional. Shana Ragland fed up with her job decided to quit her job over the megaphone at the store.

Through a video that she herself posted on Twitter, and which went viral, the young woman showed the moment when she decided to leave her job. Annoyed by the bad work environment that she lived in a Texas Walmart, she took the megaphone and denounced the mistreatment by her colleagues.

“Attention all Walmart customers, colleagues and managers, I just come here to say that Henry is a racist and a stinking idiot, Elias is another jerk,” Shana began.

He went on to say one by one, the racist attitudes of his colleagues, in addition to denouncing that he received harassment from several of them. “This company fires colleagues of color for no reason; they treat workers like a shit @ # ≠ ”, he commented.

“Jimmy from the sports section, Joseph the cashier, Larry from gardening - you are all perverts and I hope you don't talk to your daughters the way you talk to me. Fuck all the managers, this company and this position. I quit, I'm out, "he denounced.

On the other hand, another video recorded by a person who was in the store when Shana resigned, also went viral.

After the videos, the young woman received many messages of support on Twitter, which said that she was very brave to leave her job in that way and denounce the harassment and racism she experienced.

Woman Goes Viral After She Quits Her Job at Walmart Using the Store Loudspeaker
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