Nick Kroll’s animated series, Big Mouth, is about kids experiencing the pitfalls of puberty. However, just because the series is about kids, doesn’t necessarily mean its intended for them. While the show certainly provides some laughs, it does lean heavily on crude humor, inappropriate language and does feature animated genitalia. This isn’t exactly the type of animation that parents are going to want to let their young children watch, or even their older children (depending on your parenting style). It also provides adult viewers with the cringe- inducing memories of adolescence as the characters misguidedly discuss kissing and other firsts.

The plot revolves around four middle school-aged kids as they experience the growing pains and complimentary heartbreak that comes with puberty, all while they’re guided by their Hormone Monsters. The monsters provide mock guidance and support to the kids as they try to get a handle on their budding sexuality. However, the support isn’t always as helpful as they are monsters and can often instigate more problems for the kids.

Big Mouth features the voice talents of many well known comedians including Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, Jenny Slate, Fred Armisen, Jordan Peele and Maya Rudolph. John Mulaney fans will be delighted to see that he also voices a detective, similar to his Bittenbinder bit.

The show is rated TV-MA and has two seasons available on Netflix. Fans of the show might also enjoy Netflix’s Disenchantment, an animated series about a princess that leads a less than regal life. Fans might also enjoy the comedic awkwardness of Bob’s Burgers, which can be found on Hulu or Fox.