What drives a person to do something? What really makes a person tick? How well can you ever truly know a person? Netflix’s Gypsy asks viewers all of these questions and more as it tells the story of a therapist who seems to be more than content to blur the boundaries of how entangled she can become in her patients’ lives.

Naomi Watts stars in this series as Jean, a seemingly well-balanced wife and mother. The drama unfolds as Jean becomes increasingly invested in a patient’s ex, going as far as to seek out the mysterious woman that led her patient to seek out a therapist to help him deal with the breakup from his very co-dependent relationship.

As Jean inserts herself into the private lives of her patients’ loved ones, she uses an alias and the viewer discovers that Jean is not quite as balanced as she initially appears to be. She finds herself playing mother to a patient with substance abuse issues, befriending the distant daughter of a patient, and even dives into an affair with the ex-girlfriend of her patient. At home, Jean pretends to be a dedicated mother even though she has mixed feelings about her child’s gender identity and constantly doubts her husband’s fidelity while she’s carrying on with her own affair.

As the series progresses the viewer realizes that Jean has more secrets and it leads to the audience to wonder who Jean really is. Is she Jean or is she more like her alter ego Diane?

Gypsy has one season of 10 hour-long episodes available on Netflix. The show is intended for a mature audience. Viewers may also enjoy Netflix’s Seven Seconds, a series about imperfect people trying to solve the murder of a teenager. Fans of Gypsy might also be interested in Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale, based on Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel.