Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund daily donor list

Fund total as of Dec. 1, 2017: $6,035,429

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Ralph H. Dixon, in memory of Raymond T. and Bernice C. Dixon; Jeanne Rasmussen; Cheryl Grantano Rich, in honor of all firefighters.

Supporter ($500-$999): Gloria Miner; Charles Wilson and Frances Petrocelli.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Geoffrey and Toni Arko, in memory of Georgia Arko; Sally Berger; Renate and Robert Coombs; Drs. Claire and James Davis, in memory of Evelyn Haas and Walter; Mary Haas; Tim and Patt Hetzer, in honor of the Hetzer Family; Thomas Higgins; William Parker; Jim Smoldt, in memory of Beth Graeber.

Booster ($150-$249): Thomas Andrejko and Richard Schwarz, in honor of North Bay first responders; Stefanie Arthur; Susan Heller, in memory of Jim Augustino; Karen Mojica, in memory of Richard L. McIllaney; Arlene Owseichik, in memory of Bill Graham; Elaine Seidel.

Contributor ($100-$149): Bennett and Lorna; Richard Bohannon, in memory of Louise Vackovich; Sheila Brogna, in memory of Louise and Vincent Brogna; Bess Cocke, in memory of Veronica Windishman; Anonymous, in memory of Kathryn Dunn; Barbara J. Fopp, in memory of Mike Fopp; Gary and Bonnie Freeman; Janet Furman; Homer Hudelson, in memory of Homer C. and Adeline V. Hudelson, and Julia Ann Sperou; Nina Kindblad and Ken Burke; KK Norwood; Barbra Poole; Connie K. Richardson; Lourena Ritenour, in memory of Bette Davidson; Harold and Vera Stein.

Friend ($50-$99): Gary McKinney, in honor of the McKinney Family

Fan ($1-$49): Ronald A. Bernardini, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Gino Bernardini; Priscilla Williams.

Additional donations: Agnieszka and Daniel; Bruce and Harriet Anderson; Connie Archer and Bill Germany; Sandra Baldocchi, in memory of Tex, Millie and Gene Rittburg, and Armando and Julie Dianda; Dana Balin and Bob Labean, in honor of teachers everywhere; Len and Pat Belanger, in honor of Esther Pimentel; Lois Brennen; Kaaren Brown; Maurine Brown; Jerry and Shirley Carlson; Curt and Debi Cournale, in memory of our grandmothers; Renate Crocker, in memory of Brigitte Beinhoff; George Dini; Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Dudley; Roy and Betsy Eisenhardt, in honor of Parker Phillips; Rose Girard; Morton and Claudia Gitson; Susan and Mark Gordon; Daniel and Mary Gregory, in memory of our parents Evey, Mimi and Charlie; Ira Hirschfield and Tom Hansen, in honor of Syd Wright and David Walsh; Mary Ann Hoisington; Laura Mahanes and Steve Weissman; Ginger McKinnon; Jessica and Tracey McLaurin, in honor of Julia Lewald and Family; John and Patti Petrick; Eunice Rosenberg, in memory of Kurt Rosenberg; Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Thompson; Alice E. Trepp, in memory of Mary Carol McDonald; Jerry and Bobbie Wagger; Karen Wong; Ann Wood, in memory of Dr. Ray M. Wood.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Dr. Dennis and Mrs. Mary Lou Brydon; George Kernohan.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Walter A. Haas Jr. and Evelyn Danzig Haas; James H. McMurray; Mr. and Mrs. David Piguet.