Connecticut International Auto Show surprises

The Connecticut International Auto Show, held at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford each November, reliably sprinkles some surprises among the usual array of shiny new sedans, sports coupes, SUVs and pickup trucks. We didn’t expect to see Ford’s daring new F150 pickup truck, the latest electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz or the revived GMC Canyon/Chevrolet Colorado pickup trucks, but sure … read more

2014 Mini Cooper S Hardtop: Charming, with some drawbacks

The holy trinity of fun retro minicars – the Fiat 500, Volkswagen New Beetle and the Mini Cooper – evoke memories of small, fuel-efficient, versatile cars designed to serve working-class families. The modern versions remain small and easy on gasoline, but versatile, they’re not. Many Americans have forgotten how capable the original versions of these minicars were. Long ago, one … read more

2015 Honda Fit EX: Less fits now with redesign

Summarizing the Honda Fit five years ago, we observed: “The Fit has minivan versatility and sports-car fun to go along with its econobox fuel economy and Japanese reliability.” Although the Fit has been redesigned since 2009, its essential character hasn’t changed much. It’s a little quieter, a little more refined and more fuel-efficient, but curiously, slightly less capable in its … read more