Disagrees with Malloy’s education reforms

To the Editor:

Governor Malloy’s Education Bill 24 is supposed to be designed to close the achievement gap (how well poor and minority students perform in comparison to other students) but I cannot support it because it is based on two faulty assumptions. These two assumptions are: Redistributing money from wealthier schools to poorer schools and evaluating teacher performance will close the gap. Neither will make a difference. Here’s why.

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Literacy advocate thanks leapers

To the Editor:

Thank you, thank you, to all you leapers, those who made pledges and sponsors from the four corners of Milford and beyond. The Literacy Center of Milford’s 8th Annual Leprechaun Leap was another huge success. The generosity and cooperation from the many groups and individuals as well as city agencies and “behind the scene” folks, is responsible for the overwhelming success of this event.

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