Movie Menu: Oscar-winning surprises

Each year, watching the Oscars is much more fun if we get to see an upset or two, a surprise victory from an unexpected nominee. This weekend, before savoring the Academy Awards, take a look at some Oscar surprises showing on broadcast and cable television stations. Take a look.   Annie Hall (1978) Few expected this comedy from Woody Allen … read more

Movie Menu: Jurassic Park, Braveheart, American Graffiti, The Fault in Our Stars and more

Looking forward to a quiet weekend at home? Check out these movies on broadcast television and cable. Friday, Jan. 12 From Russia With Love (1963) Sean Connery lets the world know that no force of evil can overcome the will of good in this second film about an agent named James Bond. 8 p.m. BBC Forrest Gump (1994) Tom Hanks … read more

Movie Menu: Castaway, Under the Tuscan Sun, Deliverance, Goldfinger and more

In the mood for a movie this weekend? Check out what’s available on broadcast and cable television stations. Friday, Jan. 5 Deliverance (1972) Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds explore the backwoods of the Southeast in this stirring movie adaptation of the James Dickey novel. Look for the dueling banjos. 10 p.m. TCM Saturday, Jan. 6 Presenting Lily Mars (1943) Judy … read more