Curtain Call: Of active shooters, guns, and violence

Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven: Is anyone safe anywhere? Doubly charged with timeliness and believability, there’s nowhere to hide once the shooting starts in Julia Cho’s play Office Hour. Since we can’t hide from it (the violence, the racism, the pain), we ought to address it. “Looking at this thing and not turning out, or doing something else, or distracting … read more

Curtain Call: CTAW jolts you out of your comfort zone

Community Theatre at Woodbury: It’s in the news every day. There’s a shoot out, a stabbing, a bombing, a massacre somewhere. Why? How natural is violence in our daily lives? Can we control violence? If someone assaults you, do you respond? Four actors tackle these questions as they perform Yazmina Reza’s French play “God of Carnage.” The play staged by … read more

Ridgefield Theater Barn produces Pulitzer Prize-winning Fences

The flow of talent from theater to theater and town to town up and down and across Connecticut is amazing. Since I cover so much Connecticut theater, I have a unique view. While it’s just common sense that actors, directors and crews from the Greater Waterbury area would travel to the Warner Theatre, Landmark, The Phoenix Stage Company and other … read more