World War II veterans honored

They sat, many in the front row of Milford City Hall, some leaning over canes and walkers and some still spry. “We can’t all be heroes,” Mayor Ben Blake said to them, quoting Will Rogers, “because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” These city heroes, nearly 30 of them and all Milford residents, … read more

Lost kayaker was a 'kind' and 'gifted' young man

“Kind.” “Gifted.” “Respectful.” “Good-looking.” “Sweet kid.” Those were some of the words offered up to the skies Saturday evening at Walnut Beach as hundreds of family members and friends gathered for a vigil for a missing kayaker. The words spoken out loud were words that described Jet Krumwiede, 21, of Milford, who went missing after kayaking with a friend the … read more

Storm Sandy: Piled 'like matchsticks' on the west side'

It’s written somewhere — in one of Milford’s historical accounts — that after the Hurricane of 1938, houses lay like matchsticks along the beach. That description seemed fitting this past weekend in Milford, where several houses and structures at Walnut Beach and west were scattered like matchsticks on the ground. The Rev. Ken Fellenbaum of the Wildermere Beach Congregational Church … read more