A Question of Etiquette: Dealing with nosy guests

What do you think about guests at a party who look in your medicine cabinet? I think it’s intrusive, and I would never do that, but I’ve found that more than one person has opened up cabinets in our bathroom. Isn’t that pretty rude? It certainly is snoopy. A survey conducted last year reported that at least 25% of people … read more

A Question of Etiquette: Not ready for toddler-time

How do I tell a good friend with a messy, curious, active toddler that I really don’t want her child in my house? It isn’t child-proofed, and I have a lot of collectibles on display that I don’t want to have to put away every time she feels like dropping by. Tell her the truth – that you are anxious … read more

A Question of Etiquette: Political discord!

Help me, Please! Both at work and in social situations there have been contentious conversations centering on politics. I have my own, very strong opinion, but find that expressing it, when asked, unleashes awful replies from those who believe differently than I do. How do I extricate myself without just stomping off so as to avoid what always turns out … read more

A Question of Etiquette: Valentine’s Day approaches

I love holidays and, admittedly, go overboard sometimes, so thought I’d check before following my desire to share the happiness. Is it okay to give my new (male) boss (I’m female) a Valentine?   Probably it isn’t okay to do this. Valentine’s Day has a sentimental component to it, so even if you find a humorous “boss” card, it still … read more