Kneads and Cravings: We all deserve a comforting dish after a long year

Raise your hand if you felt personally victimized by the year 2020 (yes we’re referencing “Mean Girls”) and would like a refund on a year that has brought us the COVID-19 pandemic, “Tiger King” and murder hornets. Did you forget about murder hornets? I did not, my honey loving soul has been very worried about the murder hornets and their impact on bees.

This year has been incredibly difficult for many people mentally and physically so while it will be wonderful to give 2020 the boot, we do need to recognize that life won’t magically be returning to normal on Jan. 1. The stressors and woes of 2020 will still be with us and that’s okay.

With that in mind, I offer you two things; one of course is a recipe...I’m not delusional enough to think folks are interested in my pre-recipe ramblings, but the second is a suggestion that might help you feel a bit lighter stepping into the New Year.

Throughout the pandemic many people have had to rely on food banks as they’ve found themselves out of work (due to the pandemic) and have been unable to afford their groceries. If you are someone who has the means to donate, I would urge you to donate to your local food bank, soup kitchen or to a hunger-centric charity. Giving back to the community not only helps your neighbors who might be struggling, but it also makes you feel good.

And now that you’ve helped a neighbor, consider trying out this tasty but, oh-so simple recipe for broccoli and mushroom pasta. The whole dish takes less than 30 minutes to make and offers up a nourishing and comforting cheesy goodness that we all deserve after a trying year.

May you have a healthy and happy New Year.

Broccoli and Mushroom Pasta

1 lb fettuccine

1 head fresh broccoli

8 oz mushrooms

1 cup chicken stock (vegetable stock can be substituted for vegetarians)

3/4 cup sour cream

2-3 tablespoons diced garlic

1/4 cup grated parmesan

2 tablespoons butter



While the water for the fettuccine is boiling, slice mushrooms and broccoli into small pieces and saute in a pan with butter and garlic on a medium heat. Once the vegetables have softened lower the heat and pour in the stock. Stir as the vegetables absorb the stock and add salt and pepper to taste. Once the vegetables have absorbed most of the stock remove them from the heat and stir in the sour cream. Once the sour cream is combined to form a sauce add the parmesan to the sauce. Spoon the vegetables and sauce over the fettuccine and serve.