Periodontist Alan Berkson’s photography to be exhibited at Orange Town Hall

Dr. Alan Berkson is a practicing periodontist, well known in Milford for treating gum disease and placing dental implants — but he’s a photographer too.

Patients often take time to study the many photographs that line his New Haven Avenue office walls — all his own work. Now, patients and others will have a chance to see his work in a different setting, during a display at The Gallery at the Orange Town Hall, 617 Orange Center Road, during November and December.

Berkson has been a Milford-based periodontist — a dental specialist in treating gum disease and placing dental implants — for more than 37 years.

He got involved in photography in 1975 when, as a graduate student, he was required to buy a 35mm SLR camera to photograph patients and the work he performed.

Also, as a student of the history of photography and an ardent collector of monographs of many photographers, he is self-taught and has been able to develop a style that began as black and white classic darkroom technique and then evolved into a more modern approach to creating images. In 1999, with the advent of digital photography, including scanning of slides and negatives, much of his work turned to colorful, pigment on paper prints distinctly influenced by modern art.

The photo skills he developed combined with his lifelong passion for observing his environment.

“I am a city boy, born there and raised in various environs, but always looking to the city street and ‘up’ — sometimes ‘down’, occasionally ‘in’ — when available, and the ‘wherever’ the rest of the time,” he said. “The joy I get is in the work — either the concept or the spontaneous capture, and again in the viewing, and yet again in the scanning, the editing, the printing, the viewing, the reprinting, the sharing.”

Berkson has a website that is changed with some frequency to exhibit images both current and from his 40 years of photography –

“The images I present are based on the concept of ‘om,’ the syllable that includes past, present and future, the breath of creation, the oneness that transcends any barrier of age and culture,” Berkson says on his website. “The sound is universal both within and beyond our perception, as are the images, and subject only to the viewer's interpretation.”

On his website are concept and portfolio statements that explain the artist and his work. He combines his vacation travel experiences with his photography and credits his loving and supportive wife for letting him pursue his passions.

The Gallery at the Orange Town Hall is open during regular Town Hall hours, Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The art displays are organized by the Orange Arts and Culture Council.