Eastbound holds auditions for Hollywood Arms

Eastbound Theatre, a division of the Milford Arts Council, will hold auditions for the second show of its 22nd season, the living memoir Hollywood Arms, by Carrie Hamilton and Carol Burnett, directed by Chris Peterson.

Performances will be Feb. 5 through 21, with a special benefit performance on Thursday, Feb. 18.

Auditions will be held on Dec. 2 and 3 at 7 p.m. at the Milford Center for the Arts, 40 Railroad Avenue South in Milford. Interested actors unable to attend those audition times should contact the producer, Michael Shavel, at mikeshavel@sbcglobal.net to set up an alternate time.

Roles are available for four men (ages 30-55), four women (ages 17-80), two girls and one boy (ages 10-13), and actors will be asked to read sides from the script. Actors interested in reviewing the script in advance should contact the Director at chriselmira@yahoo.com.


Based on the memoir "One More Time" by the great comedienne, mother and daughter collaborated for a play that balances humor and poignancy, as a  dysfunctional family lives in a one room apartment one block north of Hollywood Boulevard. Helen leaves Texas in 1941 with her grandmother, looking to join her mother in California. Since her estranged father is barely in the picture, she accompanies her grandmother to bargain matinees at the movies, and spends time with young Malcolm on the rooftop. As time passes, her talent for characters and impersonations becomes her life's dream, but her path continues to clash with the problems and addictions faced by her family.

The following roles are available:

Louise: Helen's mother, starts off a dreamer but slowly begins to hide behind alcohol, late 30s-late 40s

Nanny: Helen's grandmother, holds the family together, practical yet eccentric, 50s-70s

Young Helen: Louise's daughter, a quiet dreamer, grows up in the shadow of Hollywood, 10-13

Older Helen: college bound, gets bitten by the entertainment bug, destined for more than her humble beginnings, 18-20s (Singing required)

Jody: absent father, loves his daughter, trying to stay dry, late 30s-50

Bill: loves Louise despite her shortcomings but only has so much patience, late 30s-50

Dixie: owner of the building Louise, Nanny, and Helen live in, befriends Louise, 30s-40s

Malcolm: Dixie's son, troublemaker but not a bad kid, typical young boy, 10-13

Alice: Louise's daughter out of wedlock, spoiled but not a brat all the time, 10-13

Cop #1: police officer that busts one of their money-making schemes, 20s-50s

Cop #2: police officer that busts one of their money-making schemes, 20s-50s

Interested actors may email the director at chriselmira@yahoo.com.

For more information contact the Milford Arts Council at 203-878-6647.