Both fun and drama to consider

Now that the Oscars are a memory until next year, this weekend offers a chance to recall some favorite films of the past. Check out what’s available on broadcast and standard cable stations.

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1945)

Lana Turner is the ultimate femme fatale in this delicious film noir tale of a greedy woman who wants her cake and to eat it, too. Never an actress of range or depth, Turner can be predictable and oh, so memorable in just the right role. This is it.

Friday, March 4, 6 p.m., Turner Classic Movies

Young Frankenstein (1974)

Mel Brooks hit a comic high with this delightful parody of horror movies filled with iconic characters and moments. Who can forget Marty Feldman’s hump, Cloris Leachman’s devotion and Madeline Kahn’s hair? This one never ages.

Saturday, March 5, 12 noon, Turner Classic Movies

Steel Magnolias (1989)

For some reason Oscar only nominated Julia Roberts for this tasty treat adapted from Robert Harling’s play. He snubbed Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis and Sally Field for their memorable performances in this touching comedy-drama. What was he thinking?

Saturday, March 5, 1:30 p.m. and 9 p.m., POP

Air Force One (1997)

At a time when some political candidates like to play bullies, Harrison Ford reminds us how it can feel when a leader behaves like a statesman. And, in this action thriller that never gets old, Ford also makes us believe in this leader who won’t stand for any foolishness!

Saturday, March 5, 5 p.m.; Sunday, March 6, 2 p.m.; ESQ TV

Cape Fear (1962)

The same year he won an Oscar for the classic To Kill a Mockingbird, Gregory Peck offers a strong performance as a man trying to protect his family from the threats of a villain played by Robert Mitchum. No surprise, Peck makes everyone feel safe, even without a Southern accent.

Saturday, March 5, 4 p.m., Turner Classic Movies

Sabrina (1954)

A year after winning an Oscar as Best Actress for Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn was again nominated for this delightful comedy from director Billy Wilder. While Humphrey Bogart may be a bit awkward as a romantic lead, anyone can look good opposite Audrey.

Saturday, March 5, 8 p.m., Turner Classic Movies

The Best Man (1964)
In a year when presidential politics almost feels like a television reality show, this drama from writer Gore Vidal reminds us what the process can actually mean. Henry Fonda shines as a presidential candidate who wants to make a difference not simply march to victory.
Sunday, March 6, 12:30 p.m., VH1

Desk Set (1957)

Leave it to Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn – in one of their most endearing films – to let us know the potential hazards of the computer age. In this delightful comedy they play opposites who have different views of what a high tech, high touch world should be.

Sunday, March 6, 4 p.m., Turner Classic Movies

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1952)

Legendary movie star Marilyn Monroe proves she can handle a show tune in this movie version of the Broadway hit. The blonde bombshell stars as that “little girl from Little Rock” who sails the Atlantic in search of romance and riches. A wonderful Jane Russell costars.

Sunday, March 6, 6 p.m., Turner Classic Movies

Enjoy the movies!