Binge and Repeat: Save the day with 'Jack Ryan'

Jim from “The Office” had quite the glow when John Krasinski starred in Amazon Prime Video’s “Jack Ryan” series, based on the books by Tom Clancy. While the character has certainly cropped up in a few films before, this is the first time Ryan’s story has unfolded in a television series. Krasinski plays the ultimate Boy Scout as the Marine turned CIA analyst makes catching the leader of a terrorist group a personal mission.
After following the money, Ryan thinks he has stumbled across a group that will create the “next 9/11” and pushes his superiors to let him pursue the case. Ryan clashes with his new supervisor, who initially shuts down Ryan’s attempts to catch the elusive Suleiman. After an interrogation goes sideways, Ryan finds himself at the center of the plot to stop a terrorist because he’s the only one who knows much of anything about him. Meanwhile, the series lets us peer into the lives of Suleiman, his family, and a few other characters that play a role in propelling the plot forward.
The series drags at times, but it has enough firefights and explosives to keep action fans engaged throughout all eight episodes.
Krasinski provides a believable performance as a patriot giving his all to protect his country while trying to deal with his PTSD (a plot point that is shoved to the side). Wendell Pierce plays Ryan’s boss, James Greer, an agent ready that excels in the field. Actor Ali Suliman breathes humanity into the series’ villain, Suleiman.
“Jack Ryan” has one season available on Amazon. The series is rated TV-MA. Audiences might also enjoy viewing “Bodyguard,” a Netflix series about a combat veteran working as a bodyguard for England’s home secretary. Viewers might also enjoy Amazon’s “Homecoming,” which stars Julia Roberts trying to understand what happened to her when she worked at a veterans facility.