How about another train station in Milford?

The City of Milford plans to spend about $5 million in state grants funding to create 300 additional parking spaces adjacent to the train station in downtown. Even with the additional parking, the train station will still lack adequate parking, in part because space is tight in downtown.
If the city looks a bit wider, it has an excellent opportunity to create far more parking than the 300 downtown spaces. The city should consider adding a second train station in Milford, one along the Waterbury line. Such a train station would improve commuter access to Metro North, while also giving the Waterbury line the passenger base it needs to improve its service.
An ideal location for such a train station would be off Caswell Street at Oronoque Road. With the adjacent right of way for the high-voltage power lines keeping development away, there is the availability of virtually unlimited parking under these overhead wires.
The building located adjacent to the tracks is currently vacant, making this an ideal time to set this project in motion. Exit 35 off I-95 is about one mile away, and Exit 36 is slightly more than one mile away.
There is the additional benefit that Caswell Cove Condominiums would become within walking distance of the train. There is an extensive residential neighborhood accessible by only a short bicycle ride, bus ride, or ride in the car.
When the Garden Homes development is built on Bic Drive at Naugatuck Avenue, that is another potential 257 apartments. I use the word “when,” not “if” because with the weight of the state's 8-30g affordable housing law on its side, some form of housing will be built there, even if the number is smaller than 257 units.
There are a number of businesses located on Bic Drive, extending from the railroad tracks all the way to I-95, which would then be located within walking distance of this train station. There is a cluster of hotels at Exit 35 and one at Exit 36 that would only be a short shuttle to this train station.
This option would be far more convenient for many people than the existing situation of having to fight through the narrow, con-gested streets of downtown, only to find little parking.
By offering a second train option in Milford, there would be increased parking in downtown for shopping, along with less traffic, so people who actually plan to use downtown might be more inclined to go there.
The Waterbury line is a bit odd in the fact that the line runs through Milford and Orange for many miles, yet the nearest train station is in Derby. There was once a train station called Naugatuck Junction where the Waterbury line merges with the main line, but that spot is now home to an electrical substation.
The state has recognized a similar limitation along the New Haven line as it has added train stations in Fairfield and West Haven with plans to add train stations in Bridgeport and perhaps Orange.
With increased ridership, the entire Waterbury line would benefit as the state could increase service trains. By having more frequent train service, the line would likely have even greater use as people who might be kept away by trains every two hours would be more willing to use a train that runs ever hour.
One other change would be desirable to the line's operation: A stop should be added in Stratford, instead of simply stopping in Bridgeport. This option would particularly benefit people interested in taking the train to New Haven.
Increased ridership, convenient access, and plenty of parking are all reasons why the state should seriously consider adding a second train station in Milford, one along the Waterbury line.