Dodging the fund-raisers

This probably sounds churlish, but I am about ready to stop shopping at the area grocery store because every time I go, there is some group or another in front of the entrance begging for money. It doesn’t matter if it is the Girl Scouts or the fire department or a group collecting for a summer camp for underprivileged children, or students from a local school selling raffle tickets, it annoys me. Not to mention the Salvation Army bell ringers over the holidays. I can’t walk into or out of the store without being harassed. Can I say something to the store manager about this? 

Certainly. It is likely that the manager is trying to show community support by permitting solicitation outside the store, and it is also likely that the manager sees these efforts as fund raising, not begging, but he or she should know when regular customers are unhappy about any situation. If others complain, too, a decision may be made to discontinue these practices. In the meantime, do your best to ignore the fund raising groups without feeling guilt or annoyance. You have no obligation to drop money into a bucket or buy cookies when you don’t want to.

Should my husband attend his ex-wife’s funeral? They had a daughter together.

He might attend the funeral service as long as his presence wouldn’t be disruptive, but he would not sit with his ex’s family members. He probably would not attend the visitation, nor a family-only internment service, unless specifically invited.

Is it correct that, when walking, one stays to the right? I’ve been on a lot of crowded streets and in crowded hallways lately and people are walking on the left and down the middle, so I was just wondering.

 Yes, whether indoors or out, one keeps to the right when walking. Weaving in and out or pushing to the left causes confusion and congestion. It’s a case where being orderly is a good thing.

We have some friends who visited with us recently, and when they left they were clear that they would love to have us visit them next time. We live in different states, so a visit would include an overnight or two and require some planning. We would love to see them, but don’t know if it is OK to basically invite ourselves for a specific time, or should we wait for an invitation?

You wouldn’t be inviting yourselves, since they already said they’d love to have you visit. When you next speak, tell them you would love to see them and were looking at your calendars and think that the middle of April would work for you – and wonder if that would work for them, too, for you to travel to their house. If it’s not a convenient time, you can just say that you’ll try again soon, or ask them to let you know when a better time might be.

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