Candidate Profiles: Gayle Slossberg, 14th State Senate

Editor's Note: Election Day is Nov. 4. Gayle Slossberg, Democrat, is the incumbent in 14th District State Senate race.

by Gayle Slossberg


Everywhere I go, people tell me times are tough. We have too many people still struggling to make ends meet. In order to solve the challenges we face, we need leaders, not labels; people who can get things done without regard to partisan politics. That is what I have done as your State Senator. I look at each issue on its own merits, listen to you and then vote what’s right for our community.

When it came to raising taxes and increasing spending, I voted no, because I know people have nothing more to give. I recognize that many jobs in this district rely on their connection to UTC/Sikorsky. That is why I supported the agreement with UTC/Sikorsky that saved over 1,211 jobs and 95 businesses right here in Milford, Orange, West Haven and Woodbridge.

I supported a bipartisan jobs bill that is helping businesses in the district survive, thrive and hire more people. In fact, as many as 64 businesses in this district have already applied for, and received, grant monies under the Small Business Express Program, which was part of this legislation.

And to promote efficiency and eliminate waste in government, I co-chaired a bipartisan commission that identified nearly half a billion dollars in government savings. That work has saved taxpayers millions of dollars and will continue to do so for many years.

Over the past two years, we have increased our investment in education, workforce training and strengthening the connection between school and business.  I am proud to have supported the midterm adjustment budget that increased funding for education. We restored the senior renter’s rebate program that helps many seniors stay in their homes.

We have also invested in innovation, especially bioscience and manufacturing. We have increased investments in transportation, but we still have a long way to go to build the modern transportation system this state desperately needs.

My greatest joy is being able to help so many people with everyday struggles and problems. I have always viewed that as an essential part of the job as your State Senator, whether it is helping to obtain healthcare benefits, fighting alongside local residents to preserve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, making sure that folks know where and how to apply for State services, or working with local businessmen and woman with issues affecting their businesses.

In order to build the future we all want, we have much work to do. My priority has been and continues to be to build a Connecticut where everyone who needs a job can find a good one, where our children can obtain a quality education, where our families can afford to live and stay, and where we can afford to enjoy our golden years with respect and dignity. That means we must not only continue to hold the line on taxes and wasteful spending, but must also make investments in our future. I will continue to advocate on behalf of our children, teachers and schools, to stand with our veterans, just as they stood for our country, and to advocate for our seniors, to ensure that they can stay in our community and afford the necessities of a good life.

In these challenging times, we need serious people in government with real solutions and a proven record of accomplishments made without regard to party or politics if we are going to make progress. The only reason I am running for re-election is to make life better for every one of us. You can count on me to be there for you. I hope I can count on your vote.