117th District, Paul Davis, Democrat

by Paul Davis

Incumbent State Rep.

117th District

Serving as a state representative for the 117th district has been an honor and a challenge. Looking back, I take pride in the many positive changes I have worked to bring about, but as we move into the future we must continue to focus our efforts on those problems which impact our quality of life. For this reason I look forward to addressing the pressing needs of our local citizens; jobs, economic development, education, transportation, climate change, and issues which impact seniors and veterans.

Recently, we instituted numerous programs to help increase the job market and expand the economy. We have passed bipartisan legislation designed to encourage and support business expansion and job creation. We are streamlining our permitting process which often resulted in delays and increased expenses. I have worked, and will continue to work on lowering the tax burden on small businesses and building incentives for entrepreneurs to invest in expanding economic opportunities.

As a retired teacher, my professional expertise is in the field of education. While we produce some of the finest high school graduates found anywhere in the United States, our communities continue to face difficulties in the areas of funding, staffing, special services, instructional materials, and infrastructure. I have supported efforts in early childhood programs and was actively involved with passing legislation establishing the new Department of Early Childhood.

I have fought to maintain and increase state funding for education so local property taxes can be controlled. We can reduce spending and improve results by supporting our outstanding teaching staff and eliminating some mandates which take away instructional time.

Connecticut needs to do more in meeting our transportation requirements. Recently passed legislation will begin to address some of these problems. Mass transit and transit oriented development have a primary role in resolving some of the difficulties. New and improved rail stations in our local area, expanded parking, and more bus connections will get people off the roads. Bridge, highway, and local road repair are underway and must be continued if our economy is to grow. I will continue to support improvements to our transportation infrastructure to help insure the economic future of our state.

Being a science teacher, I have long had an interest in the environment. As far back as the 1970s I was working on environmental studies of wetlands and waterways. I constantly update my knowledge of changing environment conditions and how they influence our quality of life. We have numerous environmental problems to deal with. Global climate change has become a force driving legislation on the state and national level. Recent storms have proven that this problem cannot be ignored. I have worked hard to help secure funds for upgrades to our sewage treatment plants, beach erosion control programs, purchase of open space, and construction of playgrounds. I will continue to evaluate the needs of our citizens as we develop plans for storm mitigation and shoreline preservation.

Our community has a high percentage of senior citizens and veterans who are struggling to make ends meet. Many have worked hard throughout their lives, saved for retirement, and expected that they would be able to enjoy active retirement years. It is no secret that rising costs have stolen their dreams.

As a society we have an obligation to make good on our goal of happy, safe, and healthy retirement years. We have initiated numerous programs to assist seniors in maintaining their dignity and remaining in their homes. We need to further reduce tax burdens on the elderly and those who have served our country.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at repdavis117@gmail.com.