Did I Say That? The rise of young bloods

I realized the world had changed drastically — at least my little portion of the world — when I went to confession to a priest in his 20s, who was younger than my youngest daughter and probably never heard of the ’60s or Jimi Hendrix.
When I was young and went to confession, the priests generally yelled. (I guess I brought out the worst in them.) But this guy was pretty easy-going. Maybe he didn’t feel right yelling at someone old enough to co-sign his car loan.
You probably don’t have the faintest idea of what I’m talking about. Let me just say this: As a very old man once said when he was young, “The times, they are a-changin.”
The world, at least the working world, seems to be getting younger. I see the signs everywhere. You could say they’re blowing in the wind. I recently got a notice from my dentist’s office that said the guy who has been gleefully drilling my teeth for 35 years was retiring ... along with my mailman, my lawn man, my train conductor and my veterinarian.
The young Turks or young lions or young bloods or young whatever you’re supposed to call them are taking over, and the old guys and girls are riding off into the sunset or getting kicked to the curb.
Even though the young bloods don’t have the experience, they understand new technology and the Internet. They can use their cell phones to do inventive things like diagnose diseases, find hookup partners and order Chinese. This generation will save the world with their cell phones or run up a heck of a bill trying.
I’m in love with the young generation. My new mailwoman is a lot more pleasant and easier on the eyes than my old mailman, and my new dentist looks like he could have been one of the Mouseketeers or Jonas Brothers. He has a full head of hair and it’s black. It has been a long time since I dealt with someone, man or woman, who has a full head of hair with no gray, except maybe the kids at my grandson’s day care.
He also practices a philosophy of dentistry that adheres to the motto “yoga works better than novocaine.” We need more of that positive attitude today. Maybe he should run for president, with everyone else.
The youth are our future. They’re our hope. Even God thinks so. Someone recently gave me a book by Pope Francis titled, “God Is Young.” I don’t want to argue with the Pope because he should know what he’s talking about when it comes to God; however, I’d like to point out that God is probably pretty old if he created the world, which scientists say has been around 4.543 billion years, give or take a year.
When I was a teenager, an old codger told me, “Hell, I don’t have anything against you young people but [fill in the blank].” I haven’t reached the status of codger yet. Nevertheless, I want to affirm publicly that I, too, don’t have anything against young people. Some of my best friends are young people, and they usually want to borrow money.
I’m so tuned into all things young that I know rapper Cardi B threw her shoe at Nicki Minaj at a fashion party. Now, that’s a piece of information I’ve been waiting to share for some time.
Young people don’t have the years, but they have the tools and the talent. Plus, they’re familiar with the latest technology like lasers, robotics, video games, digital marketing and hookup apps such as Tinder.
I trust the young generation, and I believe they can clean up the mess that my generation created. I trust them with my body (and soul). I even trust them with my teeth and my investments, which is a true sign of trust. In fact, I trust them so much I’m going to let my grandson do my tax returns. And he’s only 3.
Joe Pisani can be reached at joefpisani@yahoo.com.