Curtain Call: Hamilton coming your way

For some theaters and certainly for some shows, you need to make plans and/or reservations well in advance. Take The Bushnell and the Westport Country Playhouse, for instance. It seems like yesterday when people were so unhappy because they couldn’t get a ticket to Broadway’s Hamilton. Never fear, Hamilton is near. As a matter of fact it is coming to The Bushnell in Hartford Dec. 11 to Dec. 30. You know this show is going to sell out, so you want to mark your calendars and order tickets as soon as possible. Mind you, now, the only way you can get Hamilton tickets is if you sign up for series tickets. However, do note that The Bushnell almost always delivers great shows. I can’t remember the last time they didn’t earn a five-star review. The single tickets for Hamilton will go on sale at a later date. Therefore, if I were you and wanted to see this show, I would check The Bushnell website frequently.
Love Never Dies, which is the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera created by Andrew Lloyd Webber, plays at The Bushnell from May 29 through June 3. By the way, Lion King opens at The Bushnell on Aug. 1 and plays through Aug. 19. If you haven’t seen a live performance of this great musical event, then this would be the time to do so. Tickets are available as of April 5. Box office: 860-486-4226.
The Bushnell isn’t the only theater lining up some great shows. The Westport Country Playhouse opens with Flyin’ West, which will warm the hearts of historians as well as strong-willed women. This is a play set in 1898, after the Civil War, but with memories of it still stinging. That’s when “a family of courageous” women put the past behind them. This play is followed by one of my very favorite farces, A Flea in Her Ear. This is a laugh-out-loud play by David Ives, which is directed by Mark Lamos, the artistic director of the Playhouse. It’s about a wife who doubts her husband’s fidelity and what she does to get to the bottom of it. This really is a hilarious show. It plays from July 10 to 28.
Another fun-filled production at Westport is The Understudy by Theresa Rebeck. Here’s a look behind the scenes when a big-name film celebrity who took a role in a Broadway show can’t go on stage as planned and the understudy suddenly discovers the stage manager is none other than his ex-fiancée, and the film star creates far more tension than anyone expected. This plays from Aug. 14 to Sept. 1. Box office: 203-227-4177.
As I have written so many times in the past, what is on Broadway either started in Connecticut, like Anastasia which is currently on Broadway, and many others, or the shows will come here soon after the New York opening and often featuring Broadway cast members. Just remember, he/she who hesitates is lost when it comes to sell-out shows. Mark your calendars and see some great theater.
Joanne Greco Rochman is a founding member of the Connecticut Critics Circle and is an active member in the American Theatre Critics Association. She welcomes comments. Contact:

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