Milford man shot himself at Eisenhower Park Tuesday

A police officer stands at the head of a path between Foote Field and the main area of Eisenhower Park earlier Tuesday as police were searching for a person with a gun.

UPDATE: A 46-year-old Milford man shot and killed himself at Eisenhower Park Tuesday.

The park was closed for much of the afternoon, and several nearby schools were on lockdown as police responded to reports that an emotionally disturbed man was in the park with a gun.

Police cars, fire engines and other emergency vehicles converged on the scene, and police cars blocked various entrances to the park much of Tuesday afternoon.

Police learned about the man when his mother called, telling police that he was distraught and suicidal, and that he was armed.

Police pinged the man’s cell phone and determined that he was in the park, according to Police Spokesman Michael Devito.

Just before 3:30 p.m., police announced that the man had been found and that he had suffered a self inflicted gunshot wound.

“The public and the schools are no longer in any danger,” police announced via social media.

Mathewson School, Orange Avenue School and Platt Tech were in lockdown part of Tuesday as a precautionary measure.

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  • tmc

    This is too much…why are all the nutjobs settling here?

    • MarkH

      Mental illness is an illness just like anything else is an illness. Would you denigrate someone who has cancer, diabetes, etc?
      The greater issue is the lack of compassion and the fact that someone who suffers from mental illness has access to a weapon.

      • tmc

        No the greater issue is people like Maren Sanchez have to die because these nutjobs are not kept in check because snowflakes dont want their feelings hurt. Show me one person who caused someone else to be harmed solely due to their cancer or diabetes. Until then keep these nutsos locked up.

        • MarkH

          Yes the “snowflakes” seek funding for mental health programs, but “patriots” don’t want to fund the programs for “nutsos” yet allow them to be armed instead. You get the world you want.

          • tmc

            Yes, someone ELSE always has to GIVE them help; they cant so it for themselves. Oh wait, yes they can! My wife has a mental illness and she PAID for help. Not once has she ever even TOUCHED a gun or done harm to anyone else and shes a successful engineer. Imagine that! Oh wait, u cant. U expect others to do what you should do for yourself. Its called RESPONSIBILITY . Look it up.

          • Marathonrunner

            I empathize with those who have mental problems, but the so called “patriots” understand that you “seek funding” by using other people’s money, Easy to throw money at a problem when it’s not your money.

          • MarkH

            I believe government should do the “big” things and minimize their footprint in others. Natural disaster relief, roads, bridges, research, etc. Healthcare to some degree (basics, indigent, mental health, etc.). You can’t claim gun violence is not a gun, but mental health problem, than cut funding for mental health care. That is illogical.

  • Milford Dad

    So sad that a person felt no solution and took their life. That being said the police made a good call with our students, inconvenient for sure but a good call. Glad to have my kids in Mathewson. Mrs. Currier and her team are excellent.

  • Kim Poulos

    That nut job was a friend .. someone’s son . Have some compassion people .

    • tmc

      It is extremely difficult to have compassion for someone who endangers the lives of others by brandishing a gun in a public park where children and families go. I go there with my dog often and don’t want to have to worry about being shot by yes a nut job. Compassion would be for those who took sleeping pills or had a drug overdose that only endanger themselves and no one else. Sorry if that’s harsh but that’s the truth.

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