So many memories growing up in house set to be razed

To the Editor:

 I grew up in the house that is set to be razed at 250 Gulf Street, built in the 1700s.

My parents bought the house in 1950 or 1951, and sold it in 1974. As was the custom in colonial days, several generations  resided in this house: My grandmother, parents, siblings and several cousins.

It is one of six Dutch Colonials in Milford and deserves to be preserved.

I passed this new about “notice of demolish” to my good friend who grew up down the street and she said, “What a shame, so many memories.”

I say that about when we grew up. What about the 200 years before that?

Susan Fitch Antonik

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  1. I too, grew up in that wonderful house and the process of restoration of that house by my father taught me a reverence for the craftsmanship of this architectural treasure. He removed the Victorian adornments, porch and windows. Replaced the windows with 12 over 12 sash and frames. Made all the trim. Repaired the powder-post beetle damage on the chestnut joists and sills. Insulated, plumbed, put it up to electrical code. That house and my father taught me the skills to restore another 200 year old house in Warren, RI. Like my father I saved a treasure by his power of example. Before we owned it I believe it was in the Miles family (an old Milford family) for a long,long time.

    I’m heartbroken over this. I have many photographs taken by my father who was Chief Photographer and Photo Editor of The New Haven Register in the 50s, 60s, 70s and into the 80s. Many of those photos were published nationally on the wire services and in magazines. There is a history of which my family is only a part. The question my siter Susan asked is echoed by me. “What about the 200 years before that?”

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