Psychic on the Green joins lineup of downtown Milford shops

Psychic on the Green

The Psychic on the Green is one of MIlford’s newest downtown shops.

Savannah Ross said she’s had a psychic gift since she was 11, a gift she said is passed from generation to generation: Her mother has it, and a grandmother before them.

Ross recently opened the Psychic on the Green shop on Daniel Street in downtown Milford, and she said the location is keeping her quite busy reading peoples’ pasts, presents and futures and helping them understand themselves better.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a psychic is “sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences: Marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception or understanding.”

Ross said that not everyone has this special gift of perception and those that do have it must be in tune with it. She’s learned to understand her abilities well because her mother prepared her from the time she was young.

“We have helped thousands of people gain peace of mind,” Ross said, explaining that people seek her and her mother out for any number of reasons, sometimes to help make decisions about love, marriage and business.

At her downtown shop, Ross reads palms, tarot cards, crystals, and she does psychic readings and full life readings.

Lauren, a young woman who had just had a reading this week and was sitting outside the small shop waiting for a friend, described her session as “an experience.”

“She looks at your hand and not your face,” Lauren said, trying to explain the reading. “What she says is real.”

Lauren said she decided to go to a psychic because she hadn’t been happy lately and thought a psychic might shed some light on decisions and her life path.

She wasn’t disappointed.

“She helped me focus on what the problem is, and she told me that where I’m at now is going to change,” Lauren said.

Ross explained that helping people to see their futures and be in touch with their pasts allows them to make decisions.

“It helps them to balance their life out; it helps them understand themselves,” she said.

Ross said people often stop into the shop for readings or just to ask questions. Sometimes they ask for samples. With a laugh, Ross said she politely explains that there are no free samples in the psychic shop.

There are some bargains to be found through June 10, however: Sessions are half price until then.

That means palm readings are $20; tarot cards readings are $50; crystal readings are $65; psychic readings are $75 and full life readings are $95.

The shop is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. It is closed on Sundays. Ross said people can call for appointments, 203-693-2020, or walk in.




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  • Soulsea

    Hi Jill,
    Psychic reading is very tough job and I also agree with you, it’s god gift to us. I congratulate you for stared your new official psychic service at Milford.

  • Mariann Motanagh

    I will tell you this ..The Tarot reading I had was a waste of money and time.She did not explain any of the cards on the table.It was more of a general conversation. She then was pushing me into a healing sessions for $498.00. Of course she got mad that I said no..She had the nerve to ask me why. Is it because of money? I said no its because of time. I am a care giver to my mom. She then said I didn’t see any death in the cards for you… Who says that?? I paid her and left.. Never again..

    • Fake Name

      Wow ripped off by someone who claims they can use cards to see the future? Didn’t see that coming…

      • Mariann Motanagh

        I did for entertainment only…So I lost $50.00 no big, But for someone who thought They needed help and paid that $498 only to be ripped off .Just warning people about her thats all..

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